Cloud computing might be the marketing and computer world’s buzzword for the time being but there are some who feel that this is mere stupidity.

Richard Stallman, the software specialist who has won the laurels for developing the famed GNU system of software, feels that it is something almost falling short of being an intelligent leap forward by the entrepreneurs — who are deciding to opt for cloud computing.

He has also cited reasons for advocating for the above.

He feels that cloud computing is, in effect, transferring the control of computing power as well as the custody of valuable and often secrecy of data to the control of a third party who is actually the cloud provider – may be public cloud or private virtual server owner.

In this context it should be mentioned that cloud computing is networking with a third party server – quite different from the in-house server of the client. It also mostly utilizes the windows vps – the windows virtual private server that connects the clients’ terminals and data to the virtual cloud server, with the efficient back p of the operating systems of the windows.

Mr. Stallman went one step ahead to also comment that the data transferred to the virtual server also loses the privacy which is overwhelmingly associated with it and that it might be vulnerable for the client or the client’s enterprise concerned. He felt that security and safety of the data would hereby be completely dependent on the cloud host or the cloud service provider. This is almost like being at the mercy of the other person.
He introduced a term called vendor lock-in and felt that this would be the effect — once a client transfers his data to the windows VPS server. He also was fast to forecast that although the hype is that cloud computing reduces operating costs – the ground reality is that cost would be actually escalated in the long run by assuming the subject process.

To his opinion cloud computing is nothing but a marketing hype created by certain marketers with some interest in mind and that it is almost like a myth which will ultimately be vanquished in the long run after the users practice the process for some time. He considers this concept as something which is actually even worse than stupidity. It has nothing which would benefit the customer in the long run. Thus he saw no point for companies in installing such a system when they are operating for quite some time with the traditional resources.

Vodien Makes Strides with Their Server and Full-Rack Singapore Colocation Hosting

Vodien which is one of the award-winning web hosting providers located at Singapore quickened the pace in the cloud hosting industry by getting the new and superior Server as well as the Full-Rack Colocation Hosting with the aim to meet the growing requirement for an exceptionally protected and higher quality performance colocation hosting services in all around the Asia.

On the June 23rd, 2014 in Singapore Vodien announced that the Server they have created along with the Full-Rack Colocation Hosting Services is at present even better than it used to be ever before due to the fact that Vodien have extended to all the main carriers in a worldwide basis to support and assist direct and by means of geographically superfluous network access in the Singapore and the whole of Southeast Asia and gradually all over the world while ensuring that the most valued users and clients are offered with fast and continuous network access.

Some of the finest features consist of bandwidth which is unmetered to look and access contents, going over numerous applications as well as websites at increased speed without being worried about crossing over the limit. It is generated from an extremely dependable power structure with several full functioning generators as well as transformers which are supported by a 230-volt constant power supply which includes fully adequate redundancy solutions.

The data centers of this award winning organization Vodien Border Gateway Protocol which is also known as BGP4 Routing Protocol that consents to a more than one homed providers to construct a surplus network. By connecting to various fundamental backbones, Vodien is capable to deliver a data service much is much faster in the shortest span of trime period. The network of this company Vodien immediately heads out to a different and separate centre for data in the occurrence of network outages to make sure of the server uptime.

The CEO of Vodien Bill Poh says that Vodien has invested a huge amount of money on the state-of-the-art, top class redundant pledges so as to gain long term assurance, guarantee and trust of the extremely valued customers and client companies of Vodien so that the company can offer them top class customer support as well as provide ground breaking products for the reputed clients. The top class and highly advanced technology is much needed in this age of competition so as to provide the clients as much data as required by them.

Quality Of Web Hosting Determines Your Website’s Performance

When you browse the internet, some sites load up quickly than others. Some sites take ages to load. With many sites, you would find some corners or sides having inactive icons or features. Some graphics may not load at all. A traditional perception is that large sites take a long time to load and lighter sites or small sites get loaded quickly. This perception is true when you take into consideration the internet speed. But assuming that your internet speed is fine as technology has taken giant leaps, large or small sites don’t really become the demarcating factor.

A website’s performance depends largely on the quality of web hosting. If you are not in the loop then you must know that some very small sites with not many high end graphic work or animation can take ages to load. Some websites of companies having mostly textual content can slow down as you browse it and it may even become dead owing to an unexplained reason.

Such incidents happen due to the present nature of web hosting. Today, a single server is used for hosting multiple sites. What this does is it reduces the bandwidth available for a single website. In the web hosting plan, you may be offered a certain bandwidth and it wouldn’t be a wrong claim because the server does have adequate space, technically, and there is sufficient bandwidth. The only difference is that the very same bandwidth and the server space are being shared by multiple websites.

If the web hosting server has twenty odd sites then any activity on any site would reduce the available space and bandwidth for the other sites. This is primarily why sites slow down or take longer than usual to load up. But shared web hosting doesn’t necessarily pose this challenge all the time. The primary problem is the quantum of the traffic and the quality of web hosting.

A web hosting company should plan well and offer quality service so a website has the necessary infrastructure to support high traffic. When one site on a shared server is very busy, it would consume a lot of space and bandwidth. This will slow down and almost kill the other sites on the same server. Else, the site with high traffic will crash and the other sites will remain live.
A website’s performance depends almost entirely on the quality of web hosting.

Master of your Domain

The internet has brought many wonderful gifts to bestow upon us including news from all over the world, all the information humankind possesses, the events in lives of your loved ones and entertainment of all shapes and forms. The thing is many of us don’t even know how all this happens and I think that causes a few problems and misunderstandings while using the internet. I would like to say a few things about one of the most basic things involved with the internet. I am talking about the domain.

What are domains?

Domains or rather domain names to use the correct term are identity cards for websites on the internet. The names of the domains are what you call them as and you put these names on the web browser. These names are then converted to IP addresses in the browser and these Ip numbers direct the browser to the computer they want to access. Websites are nothing but files stored in computers connected to the World Wide Web and website hosting services keep these files and allow users to access them. For someone hoping to open a website it seems natural to want a domain name befitting the theme of their website. This is where it gets tricky since websites have to have a unique domain name; all the good names are usually taken. Even if the names aren’t taken you will find that domain name hosting websites are hogging all the good names.

What are Domain name hosting websites?

These are websites that buy and sell domain names. These websites have rights to certain names of websites and sell the names t interested parties. These websites usually include services for hosting for websites too. Sites like are the best known ones. Domain name hosting can be a good business if you know which names to pick. The better names usually require more money to buy and people have actually started to exploit this fact. Many buy domain names from domain name hosting websites and keep them in hopes that they will be able to sell them for profit. It may be naive to take that kind of risk with a significant amount of money but lots of people are doing it and it seems to work out for some.

Where should I buy domain names from?

The important thing to remember is that no matter how good the domain name is, you need to consider at first what service will be hosting the site. Free domain names are available all over the internet but the free hosting services will almost certainly close down and your website will be lost. Moreover the free websites put up advertisements on your website which you may find distasteful and they can edit your content. Free things are always tempting but when it comes to domain name hosting you should stay off it. PhotonVps is a prime example of a reasonably priced hosting service that is reliable, reputed and keeps you up on the internet everyday 24 hours a day. It all comes down to what you need really, you may require extra features that cost a lot more which means you will need to take on a more expensive plan. In any case it will be better to pay for your domain name.

The internet allows us to experience things we may never experience firsthand and know things we never would have thought of. Maybe it’s time we knew a little about how this fantastic network works.

Hosting a Domain

Domain name hosting has now become almost an association to web hosting. Almost every major web hosting service now provides domain hosting too.

Web hosting and domain name hosting

Web hosting is the lifeblood of the beautiful creature we call the internet. Without web hosting the internet would not exist. It is the act of allowing a user access to files that make up a website via servers. In order to host websites you need hardware (and software) that can connect to the internet, which is a wide array of electronic connections. This way when a computer is linked to the hosting computer it can allow the user’s computer to download the files in the hard disk. This is what makes the websites appear and without them there would be no free information through electronic media. Domain name hosting is not the same thing. Domains are names given to a specific website which need to be written down in the web browser. The web browser convers these domain names into ip addresses which are the locations of the websites on the internet. Domain name hosting is just providing the names of a specific website and the leading web hosting sites are making easy money selling specific domain names.

Why domain name hosting may seem important

To anyone who wants to open a website naming it so it portrays the character of the website is very important. Just like naming a book is important to the writer. The issue of it being unique is of utter importance as two websites with the same domain name would make it impossible to predictably visit the website you want and so it has been made a rule of domain naming that there can only be one website with ne domain name. To me though, domain name hosting seems like a scam really. Even if they own all the domain names you could want, you can always make up your own. Google doesn’t display the websites with domain names of the searched keywords first. It inspects the content and whichever website has the most relevant keywords and high keyword density get priority. So the obsession of domain names is really a useless one. Moreover even if it is relevant, why charge money for a name, it is like charging someone for naming their baby Michael. The money grabbing doesn’t stop with domain name hosting websites though. There are actually people who buy domain names solely for the purpose of selling them, people who have no intention of using the name but just want to sell it for a lot more profit. I really can’t see how this profits anyone because if I have to, I will resort to using numbers for the websites that I place on the internet. People who pay a significant amount of money just for the domain name of a website instead of the content really is disrespecting what I do for a living. More to the point, they are throwing away money for nothing and I urge you not to do the same. Simply make something up for your domain name and let your content and strategies to gain traffic do all the work.

There is a lot of other things you should be spending money on like better packages in hosting. That will actually have an effect on your website’s traffic as the more uptime you have, the better chance you have of luring traffic.

Domain Names

Many people think that domain name hosting is nothing but a cheap business strategy. That may be so but this doesn’t mean that domain names are not important.

Domain Names

Domain names are the names given to a website. These names are unique and are registered on different hierarchical domains like .com or .co,uk. .com, .net and .org are worldwide domains and signify the highest level registries whereas is a country specific domain registry. The domain names are converted in your browser to an ip address which signifies the number of the computer where the website is located. Domain names can be much more however. Domain name hosting websites offer many domain names which may suit your website but in truth they are just hogging these names so they can charge you for them. It is not a service, just a registration name.

Why are domain names important?

Many will agree, if the domain name suits the website it adds quality to the website itself. There are many websites that are successful despite their domain names being unrelated to the content of the site. As a designer however it just feels more satisfying to have a well suited domain name. Then there is the issue of browsing, google may give preference to keyword density of the search website, but the website with the domain name matching the searched keyword is almost always in the first page and that is where most people click first. This is very important as this could give you passerby traffic which gives your overall traffic a boost.

Domain name hosting websites may seem like a cheap ploy aimed at your wallet, but as I said before, they are not irrelevant.